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Corentin Berthelot

HMI IT Engineer

Corentin Berthelot
31 years old
Driving License
Professional Status
About Me
I am currently a developper at Sogeti.
  • Development and code refactoring of monitoring software for SATCOM stations for Actia Telecom.
  • Creation, partial management and support on different deliveries and associated configuration for several SATCOM projects.
  • Implementation of tools increasing the productivity.
  • Support and development of part of the customer development team in Java: Architectural cutting of components, implementation of best practices, proposal of appropriate Java solutions, factorisation ...
  • Flattening of software procedures and creation of the associated documentation.
  • Used technologies: Java 1.7, SWING, Karaf, Maven, Hibernate, SVN, Tortoise, Mantis, Sonar, Jenkins, Inskape, Pencil, Dokuwiki
  • Used Actia technologies: DTG704, DTM20MKII, complete software suite of their software monitoring system.
  • Used protocols: TCP/IP, Modbus, SNMP, proprietary protocol.
Detailed Description
  • The first part of my job was to correct different technical issues but also to put in place different new features in a vizualisation equipments software.
    I was able to completely overhaul all the HMIs of their equipment in order to converge them on a common graphic chart through an HMI library that I developed.
    I have also been able to develop new graphic generic gadjets.
  • I then took care of zero, about 70%, creating and setting up configurations for different SATCOM anchorages stations of the EAC project for NATO (24 computers, 100 instances of software and 400 equipments for each of the two largest stations). In the project context, I participated to the equipments TCP/IP, Modbus and SNMP integration in their software suit from software driver to the graphic representation giving the capability to monitor and control these equipments.
  • In same time I was able to intervene on two other projects and to make the technical follow-up as well as the integration of an outsourced development.
  • During the whole period of my mission during my various tasks, I analyzed the different software procedures from the specification phase to the development and testing phase to finish with qualification phase.
  • I was able to propose and implement a number of improvements to divide the time of certain tasks from several weeks to some days. I did this by setting up Java tools or creating higher level Java libraries than he was manipulating. Finally, I made an inventory of the various procedures and improvements that could be made to them to gain productivity.
  • I have also overhauled all these procedures over the last two months of my service by writing an internal wiki to help newcomers become more quickly autonomous.
  • I have also been able throughout this experience to help some of the development team to progress in their development.
  • I also bring my expertise by giving them an estimate and a technical solution allowing them to develop a cartographic module in Java.
Company Description
The Actia supervision software suite is a complete solution for monitoring a Satcom network.

EAC(Enhance ASNMC Capacity) allows NATO to command and control its Satcom network locally or remotely.

ACTIA Telecom division SATCOM, partner of earth station integrators, telecommunications operators and satellite operators.

Apside has cooperated with the largest French and European groups on their IT and scientific projects. Their activities: consulting and engineering in the areas of Information Systems, Technical and Scientific Computing and Automotive and Financial Engineering.