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Corentin Berthelot

HMI IT Engineer

Corentin Berthelot
32 years old
Driving License
Professional Status
About Me
I am currently a developper at Sogeti.
Project developed within the framework of the Master 2 WMR in Synthèse et Animation with Pierre Le Marchand.

The project is based on a research article by Victor B. Zordan and Nicholas C.Van Der Horst. It consisted of animating a skeleton composed of joints and solids, from data of Motion Capture.
The prototype was developed in OpenGL, C ++ and the physical engine ODE.

I developed the whole C ++ code, ODE, OpenGL and GLSL:
-Using of the rendering engine developed during the semester.
-Creation of the physical model and its context under ODE.
-Creation of forces applied to the physical model via Motion Capture marker moves.
-Implementation of a 3D model representing the simulation.
-Creating shader improving rendering (shadow).

During this project I was able to use the University Motion Capture hardware:
-Installation of cameras.
-Positioning of the sensors.
-Manual treatment of sensor offense.
Here is a demonstration showing the different parts of the 3D engine that we developed as part of our Master 1 WMR project in 2012-2013.

We had to lead a project from A to Z, design face (specifications, research ...), tests and development in an Agile context (Scrum).

During this project I was Project Manager and Developer. My role was to define the different phases of development and to ensure coordination of the team.

I developed this project with Johnatan Couroyer, Alexandre Babinot and Mathieu Le Poher.

The languages ​​and frameworks used are Java, Scala and LWJGL.
Here is the short film that I produced during my UE of Project Multimedia with Alexandre Babinot.

We had to create the scenario, the storyboard, the modeling and the texturing. After that, we linked the skeletons,did the animation and the montage.

Own tasks:
-Participation in the development of the scenario.
-Writing of the storyboard.
-Modelling and texturing (UV Mapping) of the bear but also of the decoration of the cave and its surroundings.
-Place of the skeleton in reverse kinematics (IK) on the bear.
-Creation of the facial animations of the bear (blendshape).
-Creation of half of the character animations of the scenes.
-Creation of the soundtrack and production of the final edit.

We used Celtx, Autodesk Maya 2013, Sony Vegas Pro 7 and Audacity to do it.
Short film directed in my last year in highschool under the Audiovisual option.

I made this short film with Pierre-Emmanuel Clergerie. The sets were made by us.

During its production, I was able to perform several tasks:
-Scenarist / Director (along with Pierre-Emmanuel)
-Actor (3 roles)
-Cameraman (3 shots sequence)
-Makeup artist
-Monitor and Sound Designer

The short film was shot at the Traveling festival in the Gaumont Cinema in Rennes.

The short film was made with Sony Vegas Pro 7 and Goldwave. Video and audio recordings were made with professional cameras.